Preparing for Funding & Evaluating Your Options

You’ve got an incredible SaaS product, but you need funding to grow.

You’ve identified a market fit. You’re driving traffic, leads, and conversion – you’re in the growth phase of your business. Now what?

Andrew D’Souza, CEO & Co-Founder of Clearco fka Clearbanc shares everything you need to know about funding your business.

Clearco is one of the leading fintech companies and has raised almost $500M to date. Its recent $100M Series C valued the company at a $2 Billion valuation. Clearco has helped thousands of companies secure billions in funding and Andrew is one of the top experts in fundraising.

In this session, Andrew discusses:

  • Starting, building, and scaling Clearco to a $2 Billion valuation
  • Preparing for SaaS funding & evaluating your funding options
  • How to access alternative growth capital for your business
  • Ways to 2-4x your gross margin
  • Changes across the funding landscape + what we project to see over the next year
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