Designing for Hyper-Growth with Elad Gil

The Information recently had a cover article with the headline, “The Rise of Elad Gil, Silicon Valley’s Biggest Solo Venture Capitalist”

Elad Gil, entrepreneur, operating executive, and investor who has funded more than 40 unicorns, including helping companies like Airbnb, Gitlab, Gusto, Instacart, Notion, Stripe, Square, Google, and Twitter navigate the hyper-growth phase joins us to share his playbook.

Specifically, we discuss:

– Coming up with the idea and getting to product-market fit
– Tactics for driving customer acquisition and growth
– How to identify and optimize for every single unfair advantage
– Strategies for finding the right key early team members
– Scaling from 0 to 1,000s employees without breaking the culture
– Fundraising
– Navigating the shifts and challenges along the way

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