Disruption Through Partnerships – Lessons from Scaling Stripe & Notion from 0 to billions

Partnerships are one of the most effective forms of marketing, but one of the most difficult to predict and scale.

Cristina Cordova, angel investor, advisor, and former Head of Platform & Partnerships at Notion and Stripe shares her playbook for scaling from 0 to billions by leveraging partnerships.

In this session, Cristina pulls from across her decade-long career in partnerships to share the inside scoop on deals that had an unexpected outsized impact — as well as the ones that went sideways.

Specifically, Cristina discusses:

– How partnerships can be your biggest superpower
– Which partnership strategy is right for your business
– The key elements of a high converting partnerships program
– How to incentivize partners to refer business continuously
– Playbook for being a startup’s first partnership hire, including the three critical areas to focus on first, and the common traps to avoid
– Actionable tactics on everything from dealing with partners trying to push you around, to how to hire for partnerships roles and structure the org chart
– Key metrics and how to track partnership impact using dashboards, analytics, and real-time results
– Fascinating stories of how Stripe and Notion scaled from 0 to billions through partnerships

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