The Marketing Playbook for Multi Billion Dollar IPOs

Marketing has a key role to play for an Initial Public Offering and the work starts months, even years, before the actual day.

Vidya Peters, Chief Marketing Officer at recently public Marqeta ($15B market cap) joins us to share her sought-after IPO-readiness playbook and how you can drive a highly successful IPO.

Prior to Marqeta, Vidya led a 100+ person global marketing team at MuleSoft and scaled the business from pre-IPO to one of the fastest-growing public enterprise companies, with a Salesforce acquisition of $6.5B in 2018. She has also been recognized as number one on the top 25 women in financial technology.

In this session, Vidya shares:

– Roadmap to get a company ready for an IPO
– The short, medium, long workstreams for IPO-readiness
– The various components of marketing that need to be built and invested in
– Best practices for marketing measurement and KPIs
– Marketing tech stack products you need to be using
– How to use brand, events, product and demand gen to build strategic marketing plans

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