How to Build a Scalable Go-to-Market Machine for Your SaaS Business to Drive Growth

96% of Seed-Stage companies never go on to raise a Series A. According to an analysis of 101 Post Mortems, 9 out of the 10 reasons startups fail to gain traction and hit escape velocity is because they never figured out how to build a scalable Go-To-Market machine to drive growth.

TK Kader, founder of ToutApp (a pioneer in the $5.5bn Sales Engagement space that was backed by Andreessen Horowitz and then sold to Marketo) share his 15-year experience in starting, building and scaling SaaS businesses to transform your Go-To-Market machine.

In this session, TK digs into:

– The five most common GTM traps that early-stage Founders should avoid
– Three key GTM channels that you can use today to differentiate in your market and rise above the competition
– How to create an end-to-end growth strategy that will help you accelerate your path to product-market fit and the next stage of growth

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