CRA Announces SR&ED Claims Taking Slightly Longer To Process

CRA Announces SR&ED Claim Timing

Want to know how quickly you can get your SR&ED claim processed? The CRA just updated their SR&ED Service Standards from April 1 to September 30, 2014 so you have a better understanding of how long your claim will take, on average.

The SR&ED claim service standards are:

  • Refundable claims (this is typically SME’s who fall under the CCPC category) – 120 calendar days from receipt of a complete claim
  • Non-refundable claims (this is typically a large CCPC or non-CCPC)  – 365 calendar days from receipt of a complete claim
  • Claimant-requested adjustments to refundable claims – 240 calendar days from receipt of a complete claim
  • Claimant-requested adjustments to non-refundable claims – 365 calendar days from receipt of a complete claim

According to the CRA, they are committed to meeting these service standards 90% of the time. During the previous period, they met them 95% of the time, which is just slightly lower than than the previous period where they met their standards 96% of the time.

SR&ED Claims Success Rates and Average Processing Times

As Reported Between April 1 and September 30, 2014

We’ve highlighted the % and days changes from the previous period year so you can compare.

Type of Claim

CRA Success Rate

Average Days within CRA’s control

Average Days outside CRA’s control

Total Average Time (days)*

Refundable claims 120 Days

95% (-1%)

44 (+4)

29 (+1)

73 (+5)

Refundable claimant-adjusted claims 240 Days

93% (-3%)

117 (+5)

58 (+2)

175 (+3)

Non-Refundable claims 365 Days

96% (0%)

94 (-3)

80 (+1)

174 (-1)

Non-Refundable claimant-adjusted claims 365 Days

95% (+2%)

162 (+6)

91 (-29)

253 (-23)

All claims

95% (-1%)

72 (+4)

46 (-1)

118 (+3)

* The average days within CRA’s control and the average days outside CRA’s control may not add up to the Total Average time due to rounding.

If you’re considering filing a SR&ED claim but thought you’d just put it off and file within an 18 month timeframe, think again. If you’re a Canadian SME and you file within 6 months of your fiscal year end, you could potentially use your refundable claim money within 3 months or 73 days on average.

We don’t know about you, but we prefer to have money in the bank sooner rather than later!

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