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“The Product IS Community” with Neil Weitzman of PORCH

“The Product IS Community” with Neil Weitzman of PORCH
on July 10, 2024
“The Product IS Community” with Neil Weitzman of PORCH

Being an entrepreneur is a tough gig on its own, calling for deep reserves of passion, patience and savvy to turn sparks of inspiration into powerful products and services. 

But if you’re an immigrant entrepreneur, things are even trickier, as you’re trying to make your startup work in a market that you may not be totally familiar with, while also lacking access to resources that may be readily available to local entrepreneurs. 

Neil Weitzman and the team at PORCH are on a mission to change that reality. Their goal is to help 1,000,000 immigrant entrepreneurs succeed in Canada and the US through community, helping level the playing field for immigrants by providing a curated, engaging and safe place to build relationships, learn, and help each other grow.

As CEO and Co-Founder of PORCH (and Founder amd Fractional CRO of revenue•x). Neil is a go-to-market operator who understands that “revenue is everything.” He builds and scales teams within SaaS, DaaS and tech businesses, while helping CEO’s, founders and executive teams build and execute robust GTM strategies focused on revenue acceleration.

It’s an amazing mission, and in this podcast interview, we dig into Neil’s successes to date and what’s in store for the future at PORCH.

Be specific and thoughtful about your brand

If you’re an entrepreneur starting a business in the United States or Canada, you can’t delay starting your go-to-market strategy and brand building. Many immigrant founders jump straight to cold email, for instance, and neglect the opportunity to leverage content and community to give their ideas lift. 

At PORCH, Neil and his team help immigrant entrepreneurs avoid these mistakes, giving them access to the resources they need to help their ideas and startups take flight.

In the business world, the term community gets thrown around pretty loosely—and it’s not necessarily a bad thing! Big brands build communities around their solutions that act as a powerful resource for users, fostering brand loyalty in the process.

At  PORCH , however, community IS the product, as Neil Weitzman and his team works to give immigrants access to entrepreneur resources that they may not otherwise be privy to. PORCH is a global, 24/7, one-stop-shop to help founders add value and achieve the growth they deserve for their startups and scale ups.

Check out the full interview with Neil Weitzman on Boast’s YouTube channel here.

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