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What The Tech Episode 50: “Just start doing it” with Simon Knauber of Glass Canvas

What The Tech Episode 50: “Just start doing it” with Simon Knauber of Glass Canvas
on June 13, 2024
What The Tech Episode 50: “Just start doing it” with Simon Knauber of Glass Canvas

While there are plenty of sales and marketing tools on the market catered to businesses driving leads down the funnel, nurturing engagement for faith-based communities calls for a different (though complementary) suite of CRM solutions. 

That’s because the mission of many parish organizations is to meet their community “where they’re at” both throughout their lives and in their day-to-day. 

Helping make this happen and bring the Catholic Church into the digital age is the team at Glass Canvas, whose Tilma products marry the latest and greatest features of enterprise-grade sales and marketing tools with unique solutions tailored specifically to ministries. 

We welcome Simon Knauber, Director of Finance and HR at Glass Canvas, to discuss the tech and mission behind ministry products Tilma Parish and Tilma Diocese. Their software is more than just technology, but a way to create more ministry impact by helping dioceses and parishes serve their people better and create more meaningful encounters with their faith.

This includes delivering Ministry, marketing and tech expertise for Dioceses, churches and ministries, while equipping teams with unified infrastructure, formation resources, and ongoing mission support.

It’s a lofty mission that’s rooted in a lot of cool and innovative  tech—to say nothing of the unique value proposition that Glass Canvas delivers to the faith community. 

I’m excited to learn more about Simon, Glass Canvas, and the incredible tech behind empowering the Church to form resilient disciples in our modern age.

A different kind of CRM

While there are a wealth of sales and marketing solutions that are a boon for enterprises, serving a faith-based mission calls for a different kind of engagement that’s less beholden to the traditional sales cycle as many understand it. 

At Glass Canvas, the Tilma suite of solutions marries the best-of-breed marketing and sales solutions with the unique needs of Church-based administration, meeting parishioners on their terms and providing resources at key milestones in their faith journey. 

Real-world experience trumps degrees

While there is incredible value that comes from a university education, it’s increasingly valuable for folks looking to join a tech company in 2024 to have actual real-world experience building solutions.

As Simon explains, the rate of change and innovation in the tech space has never been faster, and prospective talent who know what it takes to execute are the folks who he wants on his team.

You may learn a lot of theory in college, but showing what you’ve actually done—the proof in the pudding, so to speak—is what sets leaders apart in the current tech ecosystem.

At Glass Canvas, they’re working on a solution that encompasses a wide range of functionalities that call for creativity—and not just theory—to deliver on the massive promise of Tilma’s suite of products. 

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