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What The Tech Episode 51: “Earned and Learned” with Diraj Perkash Goel of Get Fresh Ventures

What The Tech Episode 51: “Earned and Learned” with Diraj Perkash Goel of Get Fresh Ventures
on June 26, 2024
What The Tech Episode 51: “Earned and Learned” with Diraj Perkash Goel of Get Fresh Ventures

You’ll often find that many of the most successful career entrepreneurs embraced the hustle (so to speak) of startup life from an early age. Not ones to shy away from a challenge—or better yet, ones who actively seek disruption—these founders were honing their craft from a young age and latching onto opportunities to tackle big problems from the start.

Look no further than Diraj Perkash Goel as proof-in-action of how to turn that early curiosity into a career driving world-changing innovation. 

As Managing Partner and Founder of Get Fresh Ventures, Diraj and his team have played a pivotal role in launching over 200 startups onto paths of significant growth and profitability. His tenure at technology giants such as Hootsuite and Vision Critical has given him invaluable insights into operational excellence and customer engagement strategies, making him a cornerstone in the realm of business growth acceleration.

Before establishing GetFresh Ventures, Diraj’s visionary leadership was instrumental in the revitalization of BC Tech’s HyperGrowth Programme. His overhaul of the program structure led to a marked increase in the success rates of participating startups, many of which have since surpassed $100 million in revenue.

Of course, these are just a few of the bona fides that have made Diraj such a distinguished figure in the tech industry both in Canada and globally. We pick his brain on his startup journey, some of the great companies he’s working with today, and what’s on deck at Get Fresh Ventures for the rest of 2024.

From beepers and desktops, to Hypergrowth

Diraj has been a startup lover from the start, having built his first business when he was still a teenager back in the 90s. 

DIraj “earned and learned” his place as an expert by recognizing a nascent, growing, yet still acute problem—fixing computers in the early days of business adoption—and embracing his inherent curiosity to “get his hands dirty.”

Not shying away from your curiosity and interests is what sets many successful, career entrepreneurs apart, and has been key to Diraj’s sterling track record building amazing businesses in the tech space over the past three decades. 

Get Fresh Ventures is the culmination of Diraj’s experience as both an executive and a founder, helping his his teams navigate economic downturns and upturns. 

Today, he helps teams learn how to ride those waves and tackle the consistent problems of building a business that are prevalent during both the highs and lows.

Building gravity around your business

Having an audience of users who actually want to pay for your solution—that is, they’re coming to you because they heard about you in the zeitgeist—a large part of growth is solved.

By zeroing in on acute problems and truly understanding the breadth and potential of your customer base, you can build gravity around your products that will save you money in the long run when it comes to user acquisition. It may sound simple enough, but it’s a core struggle among many founders who can’t tackle product-market-fit. 

Another key point that Diraj makes throughout the episode related to leveraging community, and tapping into the resources on offer across your local and global network to build your product, understand your market, and even fund your growth. 

This is an ethos we share deeply here at Boast, as we love working with the most innovative founders and businesses across North America to fund their growth and drive greater innovation.

Stream the full interview with Diraj on Boast’s YouTube channel here.

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