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Founder’s Playbook: How to Scale Your Startup

Founder’s Playbook: How to Scale Your Startup
on May 13, 2024
Founder’s Playbook: How to Scale Your Startup

How can you navigate the startup journey and give your company its best shot at success?

We’ve teamed up with GetFresh Ventures to help Vancouver startups overcome their barriers to funding growth. In this live workshop, GetFresh’s founder and managing partner Diraj Goel will dive into various problems faced by local businesses, providing tailored advice to help your business scale.


May 30th at 4:30pm PT


777 Dunsmuir St #1250, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1G6

About Diraj

Diraj Goel is a distinguished figure in the tech industry, renowned for his strategic foresight and dedication to fostering innovation. As the Founder and Managing Partner of GetFresh Ventures, Diraj has played a pivotal role in launching over 200 startups onto paths of significant growth and profitability. His tenure at technology giants such as Hootsuite and Vision Critical has endowed him with invaluable insights into operational excellence and customer engagement strategies, making him a cornerstone in the realm of business growth acceleration.

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