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Funding your growth with government grants

Funding your growth with government grants
on March 14, 2023
Funding your growth with government grants

There are billions of dollars in government grants available at both the federal and provincial level to help innovative Canadian startups grow their businesses. But gaining access to non-dilutive government funding can be a complex process that no founder should embark on alone.

That’s because there’s a wide array of grant programs available to startups across Canada, and the qualifications for each run the gamut, accounting for everything from the maturity of the business, to the nature of the startup’s innovation, to what specific projects the funding will actually support.  

To help founders better understand the grant application process, we recently spoke with Tarig Abdellatief, the President and Managing Director of Arctech Accelerate, in our webinar Unlock the Power of Government Grants to Grow your Startup. In it, Tarig explains how his team works closely with innovative founders to create strategies leveraging government grants to fund businesses at all phases of their startup journey. 


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