How I Raised My Last Round – Lessons from Starting, Pivoting, and Raising $30M

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Aydin Mirzaee, Co-founder and CEO of joins us to share lessons learned from starting, pivoting, and raising more than $30M for his company.

Aydin previously bootstrapped Fluidware to $12M ARR and eventually sold it to SurveyMonkey. His current company Fellow is the #1 rated meeting management software on G2 used by top brands like Shopify and Uber.

In this session, Aydin discusses:
– Coming up with the idea and getting early validation
– Managing the chaos of pivots to product-market fit and escape velocity
– Tactics for driving customer acquisition and growth
– How should founders think about fundraising in 2022
– What types of investors a founder should look to work with
– How to craft your company narrative and approach investors
– Fundraising process, including timelines, investor outreach and communications, pitch deck, creating FOMO, negotiating term sheets, and due diligence
– Navigating the shifts and challenges along the way

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