0 to IPO at Breakneck Speed

0 to IPO at Breakneck Speed

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With over 400+ employees and 10M+ students, tech unicorn Thinkific brings the incredible power of education and business to entrepreneurs across the globe.

Greg Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of Thinkific shares his secrets and lessons learned from building Thinkific into a billion-dollar company at breakneck speed.

Specifically, we discuss:

– Coming up with the idea and getting to product-market fit
– Tactics for driving customer acquisition and growth
– Strategies for finding the right key team members at different stages
– Scaling to 400+ employees all around the world without breaking the culture
– Going public at a billion-dollar market valuation in the most capital-efficient way possible
– Planning your IPO strategy
– Navigating the shifts and challenges along the way
– What he would (& wouldn’t) do again when building a unicorn

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