5 Principles of Speedboat Marketing: Scale a Startup into a Megabrand

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With so much attention on product/market fit, why do many startups fail at “go to market fit,” promoting “differentiated” positioning that doesn’t resonate with prospects? Why should you change your focus from the funnel to the flywheel?

Coupa’s CMO Chandar Pattabhiram (also former CMO of Marketo) discusses how to drive what he calls, “speedboat marketing,” sharing strategies and hard-earned lessons from 25 years of scaling companies.

In this session, Chandar uncovers:

– What is speedboat marketing and how to leverage it to drive exponential growth
– How to build your brand and drive customer acquisitions with contextual educational marketing
– How to turn your customer acquisition into a flywheel of self-sustaining growth
– Plus lessons from his 25 years as a marketing leader at Marketo, Badgeville, IBM, and Accenture

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