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Asana’s Playbook for High Growth Products

Asana’s Playbook for High Growth Products
on August 21, 2020
Asana Hood Asana

Asana’s Head of Product, Alex Hood joins us to share their winning playbook for building high growth products.

Asana is the top work management platform, helping 75,000+ customers including Google, Sony Music, NASA, Spotify, and Slack alongside millions of users make their day to day tasks more productive.

In this session, Alex will cover:

  • How should startups think about building products as they go from idea to product-market fit to hypergrowth
  • How to use Benefit, Ease, and Positive Emotion to drive adoption and delight your customers
  • Asana’s double-diamond product framework to rapidly iterate solutions for customer problems
  • Unlocking speed by leveraging customer focus, adopting the newest suite of tools, and protecting flow
  • Maximizing collaboration between PMs, marketing, sales, and leadership to produce better outcomes for customers
  • How to conduct great product reviews for building high growth products


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