Atlassian’s Transformational Change Playbook for Exponential Growth with Anu Bharadwaj

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Atlassian’s Chief Operating Officer Anu Bharadwaj joins us to share how to start a movement in your organization to encourage, inspire, and motivate your employees to drive transformational change and exponential growth.

The most successful companies of the last decade from Amazon to Netflix and Microsoft have been through transformational changes. Great companies must develop the muscle to transform if they want to last. And movements make those changes possible.

In this session, Anu reviews:

– What are some of the big transformations from the past decade that you can take inspiration from?
– How movements have made transformational changes possible?
– What is a movement, how to start one and sustain it?
– How to lead teams to embrace the chaos that comes with transformational change?
– How to leverage transformational change to ship blockbuster products and drive exponential growth?
– How to set up learning loops to course correct and iterate faster?

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