How to Build Connection In Your Business

Bev Attfield Jostle

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Building a company culture can be time-consuming and ineffective because business leaders often focus on the wrong things.

But if you want a great culture, you need to focus on connection and create something that everyone wants to be part of.

In this session, Bev Attfield, Principal of Workplace Science at Jostle, will get down to the basics of building connection in your business. You’ll discover:

  • The essence of a human-centric organization
  • Pathways of connection and why they matter
  • The true cost of investing in culture gimmicks and not enough in human connection
  • How technology enables connection, for in-person and remote workplaces
  • What you can do right now to connect people in your business (hint: it’s not Slack)

For more advice and examples of building connection in your business, check out Jostle’s People At Work podcast hosted by Bev.

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