Building Conversational Relationships & Gamifying Onboarding

Shane Murphy-Reuter Jeroen Corthout

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First Shane Murphy-Reuter, SVP Marketing at Intercom shares how to build conversational relationships to fuel growth across the customer journey.

Then Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder at Salesflare discusses how to gamify your user onboarding experience to turn new users into long-term active loyalists and provides learnings from onboarding experiments they’ve run at Salesflare.

The agenda includes:

  • How to gamify your product’s onboarding flow to win over customers from their first engagement
  • Examples of a gamified set-up guide
  • How to use things like extra trial days in return for completing set-up steps
  • Walkthrough of how to experiment with different trials before bringing in customers
  • Early numbers from recent experiments
  • How to build conversational relationships that fuel growth across the customer journey
  • Ins and outs of personalized, messenger-based experiences


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