How to Use Data Feedback Loops to Build Massive Moats & Drive Growth

Tomasz Tunguz

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To build a massive long-term sustainable business, you need strong defensive moats around your company.

However, the dramatic shifts in technology are rendering traditional moats useless and leaving companies feeling like it’s almost impossible to build a defensible business.

Tomasz Tunguz, Managing Director at Redpoint Ventures and co-author of ‘Winning with Data’ shares a unique look at SaaS and data ecosystems and a proposal for novel SaaS architecture to erect huge barriers to entry.

Specifically, Tomasz will uncover:

  • Traditional moats vs. new moats
  • The emergence of the cloud data warehouse as a central part of the SaaS stack
  • The feedback loops in data that will change SaaS architecture
  • How startups can leverage this new architecture to rebuild the largest categories of software and challenge the incumbents


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