Disruptions and Change in the Venture Capital Landscape

Disruptions and Change in the Venture Capital Landscape

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Despite a turbulent 2020, companies across the US and Canada raised over $250 billion from venture capital firms. Founders now have various financing options depending on what they are building and what industry they are focused on, from a myriad of micro-VC funds and solo-VCs to traditional PE firms like Tiger Global funding early-stage en masse and non-dilutive capital at low-interest rates.

Alex Bangash, Founder and Managing Director of TI Platform – an anchor fund for the most disruptive venture funds of this decade including Initialized Capital, SaaStr Fund, Entrepreneur First, Atomic VC, Heavybit, and many more – joins us to dive into all the disruptions and changes in the VC landscape and how founders can use it to their advantage.

Specifically, Alex reviews:

– Top disruptions, changes, and themes driving the funding landscape
– How should founders think about fundraising in 2022
– What types of investors a founder should look to work with
– How to craft your company narrative and approach investors
– How is the founder journey different with the new sources of capital and the Direct to Startup model?
– What pitfalls to avoid in the fundraising process

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