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Diversity Improves Product Development. Period.

Diversity Improves Product Development. Period.
on June 3, 2021
Natalia Williams

Natalia Williams, Chief Product Officer at MailChimp, the leading all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses, joined Traction to share how to build high-growth product teams through diversity.

Specifically, Natalia covered:

  • How diversity positively affects product development with a deep dive into industry examples and supporting data
  • How diversity can impact revenue and lead to strong business performance
  • How to implement diversity in product teams for high-growth
  • Metrics and KPIs to measure

During her time at MailChimp, Natalia has refined and expanded their product offering for small businesses and entrepreneurs, most recently with Mailchimp’s latest rollout into the e-commerce market.

Natalia started her career in UI and Product Management, working at Mirant and Macy’s. She then transitioned to Internet Production and eventually Product Management and e-commerce Operations at Bloomingdale’s before joining Mailchimp.


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