Embedding Fintech Into Your Products to Drive Exponential Growth

on January 31, 2022

Want the key to unlocking the next unicorn? Today more and more companies are embedding finance (payments, lending, insurance, etc.) into their products not only to drive growth and revenue but also to stay competitive.

Starbucks has the second most used payments application in the United States and they’re not a bank. Analysts estimate Shopify’s payments revenue to grow faster than their Subscription & Services revenue stream. Toast, a $2.7B restaurant management platform, launched Toast Capital in 2019 to provide its customer base with access to fast, simple, and flexible funding.

In this session, Matt Harris General Partner at Bain Capital discusses the key components of the fintech ecosystem and how to embed fintech into your products to drive exponential growth.

Matt dives into:

– Why every company will become a fintech company
– The key components of the fintech ecosystem
– How to understand and embed different fintech offerings from payments to lending and insurance into your products
– Issues and pitfalls to avoid
– Raising money for fintech


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