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Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a VC Fund

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a VC Fund
on December 14, 2020
milun preetish

If you’re an aspiring VC looking to start a fund or a successful entrepreneur looking to get into investing, this is the session for you.

Join entrepreneurs turned investors, Preetish Nijhawan, Partner, Cervin Ventures (Cofounder, Akamai), and Milun Tesovic, Partner, Expa Labs (Cofounder, CMD, Gitalytics, MetroLyrics) as they show you the ropes to start investing.

Preetish and Milun dive into:

  • Defining the fund’s vision, strategy, and business plan
  • How to pick your thesis and fund focus
  • Calculating the right fund size for your thesis
  • Building a strong value prop and differentiating your fund from the competition
  • Raising capital and starting to invest
  • Investment decision-making
  • Managing your portfolio to maximize success

Recommended resources:

  • VC Lab by Founder Insitute – free VC Accelerator program to help aspiring investors to launch accelerators, pre-seed, seed, or Series A venture capital firms globally. Participants get to pitch Limited Partners. The goal is to help you complete your first fund closing in one year or less by providing a supportive global community, tactical advice from experienced fund managers, and structured fund-building sprints.
  • AngelList Funds – start a rolling fund, venture fund, or syndicate without worrying about the paperwork, legal and back-office.
  • Venture Deals by Brad Feld
  • Startup Boards by Brad Feld and Mahendra Ramsinghani


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