Fundraising Stories from My Last Round

Fundraising Stories from My Last Round

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As a founder, it’s easy to get lost while trekking through the fundraising process. The dynamics of speaking to someone who has the capital you need, while discussing terms you’ve never heard of, can all be quite daunting.

Alexander McIsaac, Partner of Global Founders Capital and Adam Reeds, CEO at digital asset platform Ledn ($30M Series A) explore the top themes in VC that are driving startup funding and fundraising best practices for 2022.

Specifically, we discuss:

– Top themes driving the funding landscape
– How should founders think about fundraising in 2022
– What types of investors a founder should look to work with
– How to craft your company narrative and approach investors
– Fundraising process including timelines, identifying the right investors, managing outreach and communications, pitch deck, creating FOMO, negotiating term sheets, and due diligence
– What pitfalls to avoid in the fundraising process

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