7 Practices for Becoming a High Performance CEO & Leader

Mark MacLeod

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Founder BURNOUT is real.

The most successful tech companies seem to have one thing in common – they tend to be founder-led.

And building great companies takes time.

In this session, CEO coach Mark MacLeod shares the framework for generating sustainable results for years without burning out and without sacrificing company performance.

Since 1999, Mark MacLeod has been helping fund, grow and exit high-growth software companies. He served as CFO at Shopify, FreshBooks and others, was a GP at Real Ventures, and founded SurePath Capital Partners, the leading investment bank focused on SMB software companies.

Mark learned these lessons from over two decades serving at the right hand of the CEOs of some of the best SaaS companies in the world including Shopify, FreshBooks, Unbounce, and many others.


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