How to Build High Performing Software Teams from 0 to IPO

You raised a big round of funding and hired a pedigreed big company CTO, but now a few months in you’re concerned that the team is not shipping as fast as they used to.

Startups are built in stages from idea to product-market fit and scale. And the kind of Product and Engineering playbook you implement for your stage will make all the difference between hypergrowth and missing the boat.

Alok Tyagi, Top 25 Software Product Executive in 2021, and a serial Product and Engineering leader with experience ranging from giants like Sage and Oracle to fast-growth startups with exits and IPOs joins us to share the playbook for high performing software teams that ship blockbuster products consistently.

Specifically, Alok discuss’s how to:

– Determine the right Product & Engineering playbook for your company stage
– Build and scale world-class software teams
– Recruit and keep top talent
– Understand and motivate your developers
– Implement processes without losing speed and agility
– Measure R&D performance and key metrics for ongoing momentum

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