How to Mature a PLG Product for the Enterprise

on February 22, 2022

As more and more enterprises put employees in the driver seat to pick the right tools for their organizations, product leaders need to balance designing for the end-user to even be considered as a solution before ensuring their tool is enterprise-grade to be purchased.

On Thursday, March 3, Calendly’s Chief Product Officer, Annie Pearl joins us to share insights on how to build and drive PLG for the enterprise by obsessing over end-user value and solving your customers’ problems.

Specifically, Annie will discuss:

– The benefits of PLG and how to think about it for your company
– What features to carve out from your core product to facilitate PLG when you’re an enterprise sales-led product
– How to adapt PLG for the enterprise by obsessing over end-user value and solving your customers’ problems
– How to add virality, network effects, and viral loops to a product that isn’t necessarily viral
– UX and design best practices to drive adoption, usage, and growth
– How to lead and scale product management and UX teams to facilitate PLG and deliver best-in-class user experiences

PLG darling Calendly, an automation company that saves individuals, teams, and organizations time when scheduling external meetings, found success with its inherently viral product nearly a decade ago resulting in a profitable, private SaaS company with now 10M+ users and 50,000 organizations across 116 countries. Today, the enterprise is the company’s fastest growing business segment as companies like Asana, US Foods, Okta, and Nordstrom have adopted Calendly to simplify meetings and collaborate more effectively and efficiently.


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