How to Use Referral Marketing to Scale Your Business 10X Faster

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Businesses experience a 70% higher conversion rate when they have referral programs in place. It’s a crazy stat and yet many companies don’t use referral marketing enough.

TK Kader, founder of ToutApp (a pioneer in the $5.5bn Sales Engagement space that was backed by Andreessen Horowitz and then sold to Marketo) walks us through the 3 principles you absolutely need to know about referral programs and how you can use it as an unfair advantage to grow your business faster.

In this session, TK digs into:

– Why referral marketing is your biggest superpower
– Which referral strategy is right for your business
– The key elements of a high converting referral program
– How to incentivize people to refer clients consistently
– Key metrics and how to track referral impact using dashboards, analytics, and real-time results

As part of Marketo, TK was the SVP of Strategy and was part of the executive team that led a 2-year GTM transformation for Marketo which then led to the $4.75bn acquisition by Adobe.

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