How MongoDB Transformed from Sales-led to Product-led Resulting in $23B Market Cap

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Sahir Azam, Chief Product Officer at MongoDB ($23B market cap) shares how MongoDB transformed from a traditional software company – sales driven, longer cycles, etc. – into more of a consumer-style self-service model.

Overseeing the growth of MongoDB’s Atlas, Sahir shares his learnings (the good, the bad, and the ugly) about building and bringing to market one of the fastest-growing cloud products of any scale (70% YoY, $400M ARR, 26K+ customers)

In this session, Sahir discusses:

– How Atlas fundamentally changed the way MongoDB operated as a company from its engineering roadmap to sales teams and go-to-market strategies
– How to successfully expand your product outside of your core offering
– How to drive exponential triple-digit growth
– How to attract and retain talent
– How to develop a great customer experience to drive retention, revenue, and referrals

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