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24 Startup Fears, Failures & Lessons with Noah Kagan

24 Startup Fears, Failures & Lessons with Noah Kagan
on July 27, 2020
Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan started his career as employee #30 at Facebook, before getting fired and losing $185m in company shares. He was then #4 at Mint.com and built their first 100k customers as Director of Marketing.

Today Noah runs 2 multi-million dollar businesses, AppSumo and Sumo.com. But he’s launched 24 businesses along the way.

In this session, Noah will go through EVERY single business idea he’s had and executed on over two decades. And he’ll share his TOP fears, failures, and lessons from starting and marketing each. Specifically, Noah will cover:

  • The one simple tactic every budding entrepreneur needs to master
  • Top 10 tips you can do to grow your startup. From Facebook groups, social media marketing, and “Active Audience” (new metric) and a bunch more.
  • Best email marketing tips and other tricks of the trade to build your site‚Äôs traffic, lists, and audience.
  • How to thrive in chaos and find positivity, confidence, and joy during some of the toughest times many of us will ever live through.
  • How to get over fear and other mental roadblocks.
  • How to build a network of successful people who will inspire you.

Get Noah’s Marketing Plan that helped Mint.com get a million users within six months after launch and eventually get acquired by Intuit.


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