Organizational Culture – Embrace Your People Instead of Chasing the Dollar

on August 19, 2020

Coming out of a toxic workplace with a CEO who saw everyone as a lemon, to squeeze the most out of, Lloyed Lobo knew that he wanted to build a different kind of business. That’s been his mission since he joined his college buddy Alex Popa to start Boast.AI almost a decade ago.
Alex and Lloyed’s people-first approach shines through every area of the company. It’s centered on hiring smart people (who demonstrate empathy, trust, passion, and are wildly innovative), and weaving a pay-it-forward attitude into the fabric of the culture.

Lloyed gave a guided tour of the company’s culture and people practices in this episode of Jostle’s People at Work Podcast. It’s not often that you get a look inside a bootstrapped business, to see how it ticks.

Boast.AI is ticking along well, and it’s because they started by focusing on people, not profits—and continued that course to date. No lemonade here.

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