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Perfecting Your Investor Pitch

Perfecting Your Investor Pitch
on February 1, 2021
Anne Dwane

Most investors spend only 1-3 minutes looking at a pitch deck. So how can you make sure that your pitch deck stands out amongst the crowd?

It all begins with a great startup story when delivering your pitch. It isn’t just a marketing tool: your company’s startup story is—your mission, your goals, the problems you’re here to solve. It’s a powerful resource that will help you find and build connections with the people who will help your startup grow, from the right investors to stellar team members, co-founders, advisors, and customers.

In this session, Anne Dwane, Co-founder, and Partner at Village Global, an early-stage venture fund backed by some of the world’s best most successful entrepreneurs including Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sarah Blakely, Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, and Anne Wojcicki, will share insider tips on fundraising pitches and running an efficient, effective fundraising process.

Specifically, Ann will cover:

  • The persona of an average investor
  • How to understand the persona and use that knowledge to get their attention
  • Which elements to include in your deck
  • How to create headlines that capture investors’ attention
  • The difference between an email deck, a blurb, and a full-size deck
  • How to ask for an introduction to an investor
  • Pitch feedback


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