Fundraising Lessons from Two Exits and a Unicorn


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Fundraising is never easy – but the right preparation can make all the difference.

Waseem Daher, CEO at Pilot joins us to share the KPIs & questions investors look at during various stages of investment.

Waseem is a three-time founder with two successful exits (Ksplice acquired by Oracle and Zulip acquired by Dropbox) alongside recently raising $100+ Million from Jeff Bezos (and other notable funds) at a $1.2 Billion valuation.

Waseem shares his inside look on:

  • Lessons from Pilot’s fundraising success and previous acquisitions
  • Fundraising timelines + key considerations
  • Identifying and connecting with the right investors
  • Nailing your pitch and pitch deck
  • Which metrics investors are looking for
  • Stages of investment, valuations, and what success looks like
  • Due diligence process


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