Private Equity Exits: A Previously Overlooked Path

Private Equity Exits: A Previously Overlooked Path

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So you’ve built a great company, you’re starting to think about your exit strategy.

Despite what the tech media would have you believe, there’s more than one path to a successful outcome for early-stage tech companies… But which one do you choose?

Join Bart Macdonald, Managing Partner and founder of Bloom Venture Partners as he unpacks the growing trend of Private Equity led acquisitions of early-stage software businesses.

Specifically, Bart covers:

  • Why there has been an explosion of PE interest in early-stage software businesses
  • The pros and cons of different exit paths for founders
  • Software business valuations
  • How to strategically exit to PE
  • The PE Hustle – founders dream or nightmare?

Whether you’re ready to plan your exit strategy now or simply interested in learning what options are available to founders, this session will provide you with tactical advice to build your future.

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