Reinventing Business Models For New Growth

Steve Pockross Verblio

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Steve Pockross, CEO of Verblio with 20 years of startup, Fortune 500, and nonprofit experience, dives into how he helped create a second successful phase of new growth at Verblio when he joined the bootstrapped company four years ago. Agenda includes:

  • Sparking the second phase of growth—from early revenue to $8M+ ARR and 300% YoY growth in record time
  • The importance of starting with the people and the culture
  • Deciding which to prioritize first: product or marketing
  • Reinventing a business model to generate new growth in a stagnant industry
  • Offering personalized solutions for your customers to keep them coming back
  • Using on-demand talent and freelancers to gain massive Speed to scale while bringing new ideas to the table

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