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The 10 Most Non-obvious Rules to Raising a Series B

The 10 Most Non-obvious Rules to Raising a Series B
on March 31, 2022
The 10 Most Non-obvious Rules to Raising a Series B

Fundraising is not a natural talent for most, and it’s easy to make mistakes in judgment along the way. Instead of relying on traditional best practices, it’s the non-obvious insights that will bring you the most learning, leverage, and ultimately, the best Founder-Investor partnership (and success) over time.

On Thursday, March 31, Auren Hoffman joins us to share his top learnings and recommendations for raising a Series B, covering the materials you need to prepare, the basics of how to understand your deal, and the mindset you need to approach this journey successfully to build a unicorn.

Auren Hoffman is the former CEO and co-founder of LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP) and is now building SafeGraph, where he just closed a $45 Series B. Previously, Auren founded and sold three Internet companies before age 30: BridgePath (sold in 2002), Kyber Systems (sold in 1997), and GetRelevant (sold in 2002). He’s also an active angel investor or advisor in over 100 companies.

Specifically, Auren will discuss:

– When is the right time to raise money
– Fundraising strategy
– Identifying the right investors and the best way to connect with them
– Nailing your pitch and pitch deck
– How to organize day-to-day operations while fundraising and what not to do
– Why you should minimize the time between the termsheet and close
– Why your round should never be oversubscribed
– Due diligence process
– Valuation multiples
– Communicating with investors, shareholders, and lawyers
– 10 steps to building a unicorn, best practices for hiring and scaling, and more…


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