The Customer Success Playbook for High Growth Startups

The Customer Success Playbook for High Growth Startups

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Customer-led growth is hard to master, but once unlocked, it will drive massive growth and brand loyalty like no other.

Teresa Anania (SVP, Global Customer Success at Zendesk), Meenu Agarwal (SVP, Customer Success at VMware), and Mary Poppen (ex- CCO at LinkedIn) share how to deliver business outcomes to customers and blow their minds while driving retention, revenue, and growth.

Specifically, you will learn.

– The science and data behind high growth customer success
– The framework to deliver customer delight
– How to continuously market the value of your product or service
– How to create a lasting customer experience that will reduce churn, maximize upsell and cross-sells, and drive customer referrals.
– How to build your Customer Success team
– How to best track performance of CS teams and measure success

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