The Exit Playbook

SC Moatti Mighty Capital

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The exit playbook: Yes, it exists: Exit is the dream on the horizon for many founders, but it often seems like a black box or a game of chance. So how do you bake an exit strategy into your business from day one, whether it’s a merger/acquisition, or an IPO, or something else?

In this session, SC Moatti, Partner at Mighty Capital and Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist joins us to share best practices to get your company ready for an exit, from understanding what acquirers look for to making sure you’re positioning yourself and your team for financial success and preserving core parts of your business through the transition.

You will walk away understanding how the decisions you make today affect your exit options: which investors you choose, how you build your team, and more.

Topics covered, include:

  • How equity investors buy your company
  • Valuation methods and understanding term sheets
  • Alignment with the right investors
  • Best practices with (early) warm intros
  • Having the right management teams to calibrate risk profiles

Download the slides here.

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