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The LinkSquares Playbook: $1M to $10M ARR in Two Years

The LinkSquares Playbook: $1M to $10M ARR in Two Years
on April 1, 2022
The LinkSquares Playbook: $1M to $10M ARR in Two Years

LinkSquares has grown 1,000% in 2 years, with 400+ brands including Fitbit and Twilio as customers. The company was recently placed No. 253 on the annual Inc. 5000 list of the fasting growing private companies in America.

Vishal shares the founders’ perspective of scaling a company from $1M to $10M ARR and dives into all of the challenges, lessons, triumphs, and failures that come along with the journey.

Session highlights include:

-How did we know it was working? What evidence did we have in the early days to know we had initial traction (10 unaffiliated customers) and then beyond to $10M ARR
-Building the management team – starting from people I knew, people I worked with at other companies that “grew up” to the point to become a VP or C-Level when LinkSquares needed it
-How to filter out the noise of being in SaaS – what really matters? How to prioritize the things that really matter as a leader in the company, operating with high conviction and making bets


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