The Playbook to $100+ Million ARR – Lessons from Vena, HubSpot, SFDC & ADP

Hunter Madeley

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Most SaaS companies are eventually faced with the gruelling debate, should we move upmarket?

Hunter Madeley, CEO of Vena Solutions which recently raised a $300M Series C joins our Traction webinar series to discuss enterprise-grade functionality in SaaS midmarket that wins big.

Driving rapid growth for some of the biggest names in SaaS, Hunter has a strategic view of the market and how to develop a sales engine that creates impact and drives repeatable success.

As a long-time sales and go-to-market leader with HubSpot, Hunter helped them grow revenue almost 10x from $80 to $600 million in 5 years. Prior to that, he was at Salesforce during its $2 to $4 billion jump and even helped grow the Canadian business of ADP from $30 to 300 million. Hunter has a long-standing career in strategic mid-market growth.

In this session, Hunter dives into his playbook to a $100M ARR:

  • How to identify the right market at the right time for your business – SMB vs. mid-market vs. enterprise
  • How to find the right customer acquisition channels that are scalable and profitable
  • Key hires to make along the way and traits of great sales and marketing talent
  • When and how to become a multi-product company
  • Going global
  • Key insights into rapidly scaling an organization while empowering people to do their best work
  • What lies beyond $100m ARR

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