Growth Capital: Everything You Need to Know About Debt vs. Equity

on November 16, 2018
venture debt espresso capital

If you’re the founder or CEO of a fast-growing company, then raising capital is probably one of the things that keep you up at night. And in today’s environment, raising a big round of equity is often seen as a key milestone on the road to success.

But raising venture capital money isn’t the only way to finance growth. Technology companies are increasingly looking to venture debt as an effective alternative growth financing option. In fact, when used in conjunction with equity, venture debt has a number of big advantages.

In this webinar, Will Hutchins, Managing Director at Espresso covers everything you need to know about venture debt.

Specifically, he discusses:

– What is venture debt and how it works
– When venture debt does (and doesn’t) make sense
– How to determine the right mix between venture equity and venture debt
– How a number of successful companies have used venture debt to successfully scale their business

Download the slides here.


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