Playing Offense During a Downturn with Gokul Rajaram

on May 11, 2022

With massive shifts and uncertainty in the markets right now, most companies are working on defensive plans like reducing spend and increasing cash to get through.

While defensive strategies might help a company survive, thriving is an entirely different matter. In order to exit the current climate in a stronger competitive position and to lead their market, companies must play offense.

On Thursday, May 12 at 10a PT (12p CT/ 1p ET) join Gokul Rajam, executive team member at DoorDash, Board member at Coinbase, Pinterest, and DoorDash, and an angel investor in over 100 companies with more than 40 exits and unicorns as he dives into the key strategies to play offense to win.

Specifically, Gokul dives into:

– The state of startups and venture capital right now
– The CEO’s most important operational responsibility
– The overlooked but essential paradigm underlying great software companies
– Top founder lessons to build a unicorn, from product to GTM to finance and teams given current market conditions
– Which metrics boards and investors are focussing on right now and what are the leading indicators of good, bad, and ugly
– Areas to invest in and areas to pull back from
– Building high growth teams
– Scaling fast without breaking the culture


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