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The Ultimate SaaS Affiliate Marketing Playbook

The Ultimate SaaS Affiliate Marketing Playbook
on May 3, 2022
The Ultimate SaaS Affiliate Marketing Playbook

Paddy McGill, Head of Ecosystem for eWebinar, shares how to build and scale a SaaS affiliate program to drive a high volume of leads and generate significant online revenue.

With a 10-year background managing affiliate programs for top SaaS brands like Thinkific, Uscreen, Restream, and online academies for the world’s most prominent YouTubers. Paddy will share his best tips and advice on how a SaaS business can launch a profitable affiliate program and avoid pitfalls.

Specifically, you will learn:

– How to know when you’re ready to start an affiliate marketing program
– How to identify good and bad affiliates
– How to track your affiliates and measure success
– What to pay your affiliates
– Examples of super successful affiliate campaigns that you can replicate.

BONUS: Find your competitors’ affiliates/partners – stick around until the end, and Paddy will show you how to identify your competitors’ affiliates with one simple search, so you can reach out to them with what may be a better product for them to promote!


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