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Vimeo’s Playbook for High-Growth

Vimeo’s Playbook for High-Growth
on April 11, 2022
Vimeo’s Playbook for High-Growth

Vimeo’s President & Chief Product Officer Mark Kornfilt joins us to share the playbook for high growth.

Mark was previously the CEO and co-founder at Livestream, the leading live video platform that powered over ten million streams a year, which Vimeo acquired.

In this session, we dive into:

– Learnings from building, scaling, and selling Livestream to Vimeo
– Building products for hypergrowth
– Prioritizing new features vs. adding new products
– Successfully expanding product offerings outside of the core
– Leveraging data to deliver customer delight
– Growth tactics to drive engagement, stickiness, and virality
– Building a high growth product team


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