Make a Smart Play: Access Your SR&ED Tax Credit Funds Now

Waiting 12-16 months to receive your SR&ED tax credit refund can seriously impact the trajectory of growing your business—especially with a recession looming.

Unlike traditional SR&ED financing models, Boast lends up to 75% of your quarterly accrued R&D expenditures to early-stage, pre-revenue, high-growth businesses.

This non-dilutive capital can extend your cash flow runway and give you the financial flexibility you need to make better decisions about scaling your business

QuickFund Makes It Easy

Complete the Apply Now form. A Boast representative will contact you right away. You do not need to pay any fees upfront.
Boast’s funding application platform makes it easy to apply via our data integrations. Most applications take less than 30 minutes to complete.
Fully completed applications can be approved in less than a week. Funds are typically released in 1-2 business days after an application is approved and confirmed. 
No, Boast can fund your claim even if it was prepared by someone else.

Access Your SR&ED Refund Up To 12 Months Early So You Can:

  • Re-invest in your business
  • Grow faster
  • Hire sooner
  • Extend your cash runway

Companies that leverage QuickFund grow much faster than their counterparts

Since company B was able to leverage SR&ED Financing to get quarterly advanced funding, they were able to increase their growth rate one year ahead for Company A.

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Boast is the industry leader in SR&ED tax credit claims and funding with over 1,000 clients, $350 million in tax credits recouped for customers, and nearly $7 million disbursed through QuickFund advanced SR&ED funding.

Nexus Robotics: An Example of SR&ED Tax Credits Reinvestment

Robots-as-a-service disrupt traditional approaches to crop health, and fill a growing market need.

"The Boast process for SR&ED was easy and painless, and their SR&ED ‘funding-as-a-service’ helps us access our cash sooner and hire faster. We like their technology-first approach to the traditionally cumbersome process offered by big accounting firms. It’s efficient and modern, and ultimately makes our claims process easier."

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