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What's in the Research Report? 

Why business leaders say investing in innovation is very important

How 65 percent of leaders lack the expertise to track innovation, or use old-school, manual processes to link R&D and innovation costs to ROI

The new Boast.AI research reveals that the least efficient part of the innovation decision making process is calculating the return on investment of innovation.

Why 13.7% of business leaders incorporate financial data into innovation decisions and tracking—and further understand the large gap between the ambition of innovation acceleration and leaders’ reality today

Key insights to grow your business through innovation

Making Innovation Faster and Easier

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10 pages

Research Report: 

"Boast is a startup's dream partner. They take something incredibly complex and make it completely easy. They are not paid unless we get paid. I only wish I'd found Boast many years ago and would recommend them to any CEO. Their team is world-class and felt like an extension of our own team. I'm excited to work with Boast for many years to come."


R&D Tax Claims Done For You! Easy, Fast, with Larger Refunds

Our R&D tax experts leverage the Boast.AI software platform to take over all the manual work associated with your claims, leading to larger refunds, faster access to capital, and lower audit risk.

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We have conducted research on this critical topic and we are sharing the details in the research report Making Innovation Faster and Easier. Download today to see compelling data that every CTO, CFO, Founder and CEO should know.

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