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Top 25 Machine Learning Startups
to watch in 2021.

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Boast aims to automate $200 billion in
R&D credits with ML-powered platform.

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betakit-logo raises Series A to revolutionize
$200 Billion R&D tax credit market.

Read Article secures $100M to help businesses
get R&D funding immediately.

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The real problem with Amazon’s
tax bills.

Read Article is fixing the red-tape surrounding
R&D tax credits.

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Boast plugs into systems to calculate
R&D tax credits and advance cash.

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Boast provides instant cash on R&D credits
without the red-tape.

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Globe raises Series A to rival accounting
giants with R&D tax credit software.

Read Article is poised to revolutionize the way businesses fund their growth and cement its position as the unified system of record for R&D data.

Jordan Bettman – Jordan Bettman, Partner, Radian Capital

Traction Team

About is on a mission to help innovative companies become successful by democratizing access to billions in R&D tax credits, innovation incentives, and non-dilutive capital so companies can fuel their growth while preserving equity and avoiding red-tape.


To further its mission, co-founded and built a non-profit community of over 90,000 entrepreneurs and technology professionals called Traction, providing free access to resources and advice on building and scaling companies.

R&D tax credits are a valuable form of capital and an untapped resource to accelerate innovation — but the delays can be extremely challenging for early-stage companies. Boast's AI-powered platform eliminates those delays and allows startups to focus on creating new solutions and products while immediately reaping the benefits of their hard-earned R&D efforts.

douglas brevet capital – Douglas Monticciolo, CEO, Brevet Capital