R&D Tax Credits the Easy Way

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What Boast™ Offers

BoastClaim™ R&D

Get up to $250,000 or more per year from the IRS to fund your product development.

BoastClaim™ SR&ED

Get up to 64% of your SR&ED spend from the Canadian government as a cash refund.

SR&ED QuickFund™

Get instant access to non-dilutive capital to grow your business. Don't wait for tax season and government processing times.

Innovation is Happening at Your Company.
We Capture and Qualify it, Automatically.

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R&D powers innovation, competitive advantage, and growth. Boast wants to partner with you to capture more eligible claims and to help you innovate faster.

You Deserve an Innovative Approach to Tax Incentives

The R&D tax credit process has been slow and painful for decades.

Boast automation and expertise saves you time and maximizes your claims.

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R&D Tax Specialists Have Your Back

In-house experts prepare and validate your claim, and you can relax with Boast's AuditShield™ guarantee.

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Accelerate Your Innovation Funding

Boast’s SR&ED funding lets you invest in more innovation throughout the year instead of waiting for tax season.

The Boast Advantage

60 h

Hours saved each year during your claim process

35 %

More accurate claims with Boast automation

5 x

Faster access to SR&ED tax credits with Boast QuickFund™

15 %

Larger claims with Boast AI and with payroll, project, and finance integrations

A Proven Process, Without the Mystery

Our transparent, real-time process is easier and more accurate, eliminating that painful, end-of-year deadline scramble.

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Quarterly Reviews
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Claim Submission
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Software & Gaming

Boast specializes in Software and gaming claims. We know what qualifies, and how to get the most from your R&D investments.

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing R&D is unique. Maximize your claim with Boast experts who understand how to claim manufacturing R&D the right way.

Biomedical & Life Sciences

Detailed documentation for biomedical and pharma claims are required. Fortunately, Boast works with you to capture eligible work from your detailed records.


Boast experts help maximize energy claims based your detailed R&D project, financial, and payroll records.

Innovation Always Wins

Why do R&D? Because innovation accelerates growth. Innovation leaders grow 260% faster than average companies. Innovate better with improved R&D insight and maximized tax incentive claims powered by Boast.

Fuel Your Innovation and Growth

Watch how Boast helps you capture your share of the billions of dollars in government incentives, and how Boast helps you drive faster innovation through tax incentives and R&D intelligence.


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