UK R&D Tax Credits

A Modern Approach to the Government R&D Tax Credit Scheme

Maximize your claim in an easier way with Boast automated, intelligent software.

Welcome to a better way to prepare and submit your maximized claim for R&D tax credits.

Boast is a global leader in R&D tax credits and offers UK businesses advanced technology and seasoned experts to help make the R&D tax credit process easier and faster.

Research and Development

Innovation is Happening at Your Company.
We Capture and Qualify it, Automatically.

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R&D powers innovation, competitive advantage, and growth. Boast wants to partner with you to capture more eligible claims and to help you innovate faster.

The Boast Advantage

60 h

Hours saved each year during your claim process

35 %

More accurate claims with Boast automation

5 x

Faster access to SR&ED tax credits with Boast QuickFund™

15 %

Larger claims with Boast AI and with payroll, project, and finance integrations

One Stop For Everything

The BoastClaim R&D tax incentive solution includes:

Boast is a one-stop-shop for AI Powered Software

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