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What The Tech Episode 47: “GPS for your career” with Hamoon Ekhtiari of FutureFit AI

What The Tech Episode 47: “GPS for your career” with Hamoon Ekhtiari of FutureFit AI
on May 22, 2024
What The Tech Episode 47: “GPS for your career” with Hamoon Ekhtiari of FutureFit AI

Navigating career transitions—or just finding a job tract that speaks to your ambitions—can feel overwhelming (if not hopeless) without some support and guidance. This has never been more true than it is today, as industries are transforming at a breakneck pace, with record numbers of people needing to reskill to find their place in the workforce. 

While artificial intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly helped accelerate this workforce transformation, it’s also offering a solution. 

That’s why today we welcome to the show Hamoon Ekhtiari, Founder and CEO at FutureFit AI. At FutureFit AI, Hamoons’s team uses over 350 Million global talent profiles, live labor market data and projections, and proprietary algorithms to help workers navigate career transitions. 

Their team works with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and workforce development organizations to provide an AI-powered tool that acts as a GPS to guide workers on their next step, from reskilling to job placement. Ultimately, they’re using AI to support reskilling efforts and reimagine layoffs through outskilling–an awesome mission and one steeped in very cool tech. 

But FutureFit AI is just the latest chapter in Hamoon’s personal mission to help others unlock opportunity through innovation. 

His career journey has taken him from Founding Director of a leadership academy at one of the world’s largest urban innovation hubs, to Director of Strategy and Innovation for a $30B telecom and technology company.

He’s an active member of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference, an AdR Fellow at The University of Cambridge, a recipient of University of Waterloo’s Alumni Achievement Medal, and a Canada Millennium Scholar, to just name a few of the accolades. 

We pick his brains on his path through the startup and scale up world and driving innovation, and share his insights on how to succeed as a founder in today’s tech ecosystem. 

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